iG Library User Guide
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Main Page

First page after login to the system, users can use the filter to browse through the content from the categories or search the full-text content to retrieve most relevant results.

  1. To preview new eBooks which has not been purchased by customers.
  2. To view on titles purchased.
  3. You need to sign in to Personal Account for its function.
  4. To install the iG Library on Browser for future search.
  5. Logout from the iG Library.
  6. A tab to view on your eBooks.
  7. A tab to view on your Journal.
  8. To filter titles by Classification, Provider and Year.
  9. To search by related topics.
  10. Input search keywords.
  11. Click to send out the keywords for search.
  12. Advanced Search.
  13. Reset.
  14. Three options for you to display your search result via Cover, Brief or Detail.(Figure 1.)
  15. Search result can sort by Year, Title or Publisher from Ascending to Descending or Descending to Ascending.
  16. To select a title by clicking on the small square box next to the cover.
  17. Once selected, you may Export the titles out from the platform.(Figure 2.)
  18. To show number of pages on your Search Result.
  19. Click on the Cover to view the Detail Page of your selection.
  20. Click on the Title to view the Detail Page of your selection.
  21. Click to Read online from iViewer.
  22. To Checkout for offline reading, you have to install the iGP Reader App then sign in to your personal account. You will not be able to Checkout for offline reading if title is able to download in PDF or EPUB.
  23. Only certain titles have PDF Download button.
  24. Only certain titles have ePub Download button.
Figure 1.
Cover and Detail Display.
Figure 2.
You can Export the selected titles out from the platform via E-mail or Download to one of the format such as CSV, BibTex (.bib), EndNote (.enw) and RefMan (.ris).