A variety of dictionaries, reference materials, and educational books are available for both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

The collection also includes children’s literature encompassing fiction and non-fiction titles that encourage positive morals and align with National Education values.

Armour Publishing

founded in 1991, is a prominent independent publisher in Asia, releasing over 330 titles for Children’s Christian and General markets. They provide publishing services for government agencies, companies, and educational institutions.

Innova Press

established in 2017, is an ELT publisher dedicated to advancing language education through innovative materials. They produce printed and digital resources like readers, test prep, and practice materials informed by current language education research.

Teacher Created Materials

established in 1977, is a renowned educational publisher offering innovative resources for Grades K-12. Their evidence-based products have significantly improved student achievement, reflecting their commitment to creating engaging materials that foster a love for learning and provide professional development for teachers.

Tezuka Osamu Manga

Japanese comics with diverse genres like action-adventure, romance, and fantasy, is widely popular across ages and genres. It has grown significantly, representing billions in the publishing industry and gaining global popularity for its unique style and broad appeal.