Multi-disciplinary Collection consist of publishers that combines several fields of study or academic interests to provide comprehensive resources for researchers.

The multi-disciplinary collection includes ebooks covering a wide range of academic fields, including Agricultural Sciences, Life Sciences and Biosciences, Geography and Geology, Vocational Education, among others.

Amsterdam University Press (AUP) was founded in 1992 by the University of Amsterdam. AUP has grown its publishing list to over 1,400 titles, offering scholarly and trade publications in Dutch or English covering humanities and social sciences.

Arcler Education, a prominent global publisher, specializes in Academic, Professional, Research works, and Textbooks. Operating under imprints like Arcler Press, Delve Publishing, and Society Publishing, it covers diverse subjects such as Agriculture, Engineering, Business, Law, and Humanities, providing innovative and informative content by esteemed professionals.

Blackstone Publishing, established in 1987, is a top independent audiobook publisher specializing in educational audiobooks across various fields. Their diverse genres include science, history, literature, and social sciences, narrated by experienced professionals to enhance learning experiences. Additionally, they offer print and e-books, along with distribution and marketing services, aiming to support educators and students in achieving academic and professional success through innovative resources.

Open Agenda Publishing (OAP) produces the acclaimed multimedia project Ideas Roadshow, presenting two scholarly book series – Ideas Roadshow Conversations (100 books) and Ideas Roadshow Collections (20 books).
Developed from discussions with prominent experts, including Nobel Laureates, these books delve into advanced academic research and illuminate the personal narratives and motivations shaping the research, making them invaluable educational tools.

Springer Nature, formed in May 2015 by merging Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan, Macmillan Education, and Springer Science + Business Media, boasts a legacy of over 175 years with esteemed brands, reflecting strong roots and enduring values.

Wiley, a publishing leader for over 200 years, offers essential content and services globally, adapting to digital innovations. It focuses on research, professional practice, and education through scientific journals, reference works, books, online training, and educational solutions for universities and instructors.

World Technologies is a leading company in technological advancements in education, specializing in publishing STM and professional e-books for academic research libraries. They aim to educate and inform students, researchers, and academicians about the latest developments in specific fields.