Science, Engineering & Technology collection offers a comprehensive, aggregated ebook subscription within a diverse range of topics such as chemistry, physics, math, geology, geography, IT, computer science, gaming, engineering, agriculture, environmental studies, natural history, medicine, and more.

The collection offers an affordable foundation for researchers, helping them improve outcomes and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in rapidly evolving areas of study.

ACS Publications upholds top editorial standards with swift, informed peer review by active researchers. Trust from 140,000 scientists worldwide is earned through fair peer review, leading to high citations and impactful research dissemination.

Alpha Science International (ASI) was founded in 2000, a UK-based publisher led by seasoned professionals with over 80 years in publishing. Specializing in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine, ASI aims to provide global access to textbooks and professional literature.

BPB Online is Asia’s leading publisher of Computer & IT books, serving as a trusted resource for programmers, developers, and IT professionals for 63 years. They offer customized books for educational and professional markets, emphasizing quality content and production values to meet diverse readers’ needs globally.

Global Science Press Limited (GSP) established in 2005 in Hong Kong, China, focuses on disseminating cutting-edge research in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Computational Sciences. Their journals are recognized by the Science Citation Index-Expanded (SCIE), reflecting their high-quality publications.

Hindustan Book Agency (HBA) is a renowned publisher and distributor of high-level mathematics and physics books. Collaborating with prestigious publishers like Springer and Cambridge University Press, HBA offers esteemed series in mathematics and physical sciences, contributing to academic excellence.

The International Society of Automation (ISA), established in 1945 at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, is a leading organization in automation. It sets industry standards, certifies professionals, offers education, publishes technical resources, and hosts events, aiming to be the global automation standard.

Momentum Press, established in 2007, specializes in engineering, applied science, and technology publications. Targeting practitioners, researchers, educators, and students, they provide original scientific and engineering content through traditional print and electronic formats, focusing on the North-American market while extending their presence Momentum Press covers a wide array of globally.

Morgan & Claypool’s Colloquium content combines book and journal publishing models, providing concise book-length treatments focusing on rapidly evolving research areas. These pedagogical titles offer guidance on new research techniques, making complex topics accessible for non-experts without the constraints of traditional journal articles.

Packt, established in 2004 in Birmingham, UK, focuses on empowering IT professionals by delivering effective learning and information services. With over 6,000 books and videos published, Packt equips professionals with actionable knowledge on emerging technologies and essential skills, supporting the advancement of IT expertise. Additionally, Packt has contributed over one million USD through their Open Source Project Royalty scheme, aiding in the recognition of various projects.

The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) is a prominent global engineering institution with 169,000 members across 150 countries.
Committed to engineering a better world, the IET inspires, informs, and influences engineers, technicians, and individuals impacted by engineering advancements.

Trans Tech Publications, established in 1967, is a leading academic publisher endorsed for its innovative trends.
Through Scientific.Net, they offer a vast repository of science and engineering content, including journals, books, and conference proceedings, catering to top educational institutions globally with a focus on quality and efficiency.

WIT Press, a renowned publisher with over 30 years of SciTech expertise, produces high-quality scientific books and journals in both electronic and print formats. Their publications cater to researchers, engineers, scientists, students, and industry professionals, providing up-to-date content and conference proceedings from the Wessex Institute WIT Press covers a broad spectrum of of Technology.

World Scientific International, operating under the MedTech imprint, is a rapidly expanding academic publisher across various disciplines. Their books, authored by distinguished individuals globally, reflect academic excellence and pedagogical strategies. With a dedicated editorial team and adherence to international standards, World Scientific serves a diverse customer base across regions.