Digital Rights Management (DRM)

IG Publishing implements following DRM protection:

Online (via iViewer)

  • Access can either via IP address or account login (id/pwd)
  • Maximum number of concurrent read: 1, 3, 5 or unlimited access (refer product listed in SIP)
  • Maximum pages to print: 40 pages at the time – watermark PNG
  • Download (current page, Single Page PDF, chapter) – Text-extractable watermark PDF
  • Text Copy 1000 characters
  • Text Translation 1000 characters
  • Default online resources – Wikipedia, Google

Offline (via IGP Reader)

  • “Read on App” means customer can borrow the title for offline reading within a certain period (14 days)
  • “Read on App” only offers download to mobile devices (Android/IOS)
  • To use this service, user must install “iG Publish Reader” in play store (Android device) or app store (IOS device). Register a personal account on the portal (self-register)
  • “Read on App” function is not for PCs. It will not work using PCs or any browsers
  • “Read on App” function is not available for non-book material type and DRM free database.
  • Only 1 copy allow to “Read on App” at a time, however, customers can still able to view it online
  • They can borrow a maximum of 30 titles at any given time as long as it is a different title. Same title, we only allow 1 copy to “Read on App”