Open Agenda Publishing

Open Agenda Publishing (OAP), publisher/creator of the award-winning multimedia initiative Ideas Roadshow, offers two monographic scholarly book series – Ideas Roadshow Conversations (100 books) and Ideas Roadshow Collections (20 books) – developed from in-depth conversations between Dr Howard Burton and 100 world-leading experts across the arts and sciences, including 3 Nobel Laureates. These books not only explore cutting-edge academic research, but also reveal the inspirations and personal journeys behind the research which make them powerful pedagogical resources.

Intersentia Ltd

Intersentia Ltd was originally founded as a subsidiary of Intersentia NV, established in 1997 by Hans Kluwer and based in Mortsel (Belgium). Intersentia is a leading legal publishing house based in Cambridge, UK. Intersentia covers the core of private and public law, as well as the criminal law of different jurisdictions, European Union law, comparative law, international law and human rights. Besides publish academic, professional and educational monographs, and edited collections, Intersentia also have a smaller number of titles dedicated to the fields of business, finance and accounting.